Local Bands to Be Stoked On

People always ask about what Indianapolis and also Indiana as a whole have to offer in terms of DIY music. While we don’t have the numbers or the community of many cities in the U.S., we certainly make up for that with some killer bands. It’s easy to play music here – rent is cheap and basements are common, making house shows a weekend point of interest.


Here are some great local bands that I’m super excited about lately:

The Icks – 

I wasn’t immediately into this group. I caught them after playing with Male Bondage at the Musical Family Tree (one of the coolest sites that does this much better than I could) showcase extravaganza. Bands that use drum machines or preset beats turn me off from the start, which makes it all the more incredible that I was hooked by the end of their set. It’s catchy, thoughtful, post-new-wave dance-rock. I haven’t heard of anyone doing anything like this in Indianapolis.

Boddicker – 

Hellish blackened hardcore from heart of the city. Tough as nails and interesting riffs without the accessibility and lackluster creativity that I find too often in these types of hardcore bands.

Sleeping Bag – 

Bloomington dreamy rockers with hearts of gold. The drummer/singer Dave did a collaboration with an artist called Rozwell Kid and this is the outcome, a brilliant selection of songs that are good for both dancing and pondering.

Air Hockey –

These are my dudes, obviously. The only recordings that they have out right now are on a split with one of my bands, Wounded Knee, but that’s soon to change. I’ve been lucky enough to hear both demos and live versions of their new songs and it blows me away. Highly recommended. Ex-Pessoa-Stone Throats-Caelume-Comfort

Ghost Town Collective – 

Supremely talented hip hop collective from Indy doing things that could never have happened before. Whether you’re into it or not these dudes work harder as musicians than I ever will. The song is sort of old but it’s still one that I go back and jam to from time to time.



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